Would you like to have a virtual child?

Possible Answers;
Generation X: no!
Generation Y: how can it be?
Generation Z: why not!

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But would you change your answer if this was necessary to sustain the Earth as an alternative solution to high population growth?

Our number on earth is now approximately 7,945,391,145. In 2011, we managed to increase our number to over 7 billion. Future predictions are;
8 Billion in 2023
9 Billion in 2037
It is estimated to be 10 Billion in 2055

High population in the following years; It is now among the facts known by everyone that it will cause problems such as air pollution, difficulties in accessing food, low quality of life, sociological deterioration, and natural life deformation. So are we going to ignore this situation? In other words, can we be preparing for the inevitable end for ourselves?

The German government took pioneering steps in this regard and set the year 2045 as a target to reach the "Net Zero" status (the term net zero means a balance between carbon released into the atmosphere and carbon removed from the atmosphere). Along with the developing technological solutions, the concept of "Metaverse", which has recently entered our lives, can also be used as an effective tool in this regard. Although the definitions of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) entered our lives with social media companies and game industries in the first place, it is now considered certain that they will be with us in many other areas of our lives in the long run. Many of us remember the "Virtual Babies" that marked the 90s (Generation Z may feel a little unlucky in this regard, but don't worry). In the 21st century, it may be possible for virtual babies to rejoin us with the metaverse!

Although this situation may seem scary at first, it will bring many benefits when properly managed. By providing population balance, many sad ends can be prevented and a second opportunity can be created for couples who cannot have children biologically. Having babies powered by AI (artificial intelligence), raising them, and enabling them to make a life in a virtual environment - wouldn't it be a new and interesting experience for all of us to become virtual parents for them?

Another important point is the potential of Virtual Children to be a solution to a sociological problem that continues to exist secretly in society. The Ministry of Loneliness was established in the UK in 2018. Following England; Japan and many European countries continue to take measure by taking steps in this regard. Do you think "Virtual Children" can also be a solution to the concept of "Loneliness", which is described as a "deadly social disease" in our current order?

While the issues of consuming more resources to keep virtual children alive in the other reality are discussed, can we escape from the current reality and find ourselves building a new life in the virtual universe?

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Note: You can access the "Metahuman Creator" experience developed by Epic Games on Unreal Engine via the link below. www.metahuman.unrealengine.com

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